5 Things Not to Feed Your Toddler


In this present age, most of the foods contain harmful and toxic chemicals that are used either to impart bright and attractive colors to the foods or to impart wonderful taste to them, so that we crave to have them at any cost. Keep in mind one important thing that, our children are our sole responsibility and we should practice utmost care while feeding them. We should be wise enough to judge what is good for them and what is bad.

What are the 5 things that you should not feed your toddler?

Let us have a glance at the top 5 foods that we should never feed our kids. They are as follows:

  1. Fruit snacks: Well, most of the time, we often are too busy to make fruit salads at home, as we feel it will take a long time and will definitely be a hectic work to do. This is the sole reason, due to which we often opt for fruit snacks. The worst fact about fruit snacks is that these are actually advertised on the television as extremely healthy foods that one can have and opt for feeding their toddlers. However, the bitter truth lies in the fact that these fruit snacks like jams and jellies are extremely unhealthy as well as the worst choice among foods. These contain huge amounts of sugars as well as preservatives. What is even worse, these contain various types of food colors, which are actually artificial in nature. Often it has been found that a color Red 3 has been used in such jams, which have completely been banned.
  2. Fast food meals: Often mothers tend to give their small kids several types of fast foods for their meal when at kindergarten or at school. This is a strict no-no! Suppose you are getting late for your office and you feel that you should pack your kid’s lunch box with a mini burger and some French fries. No, please do not do this. You will be compromising with the health and wellness of your child. These items contain loads of fats that are extremely dangerous to the health of your child.
  3. Packaged fruit juices: Often we think that whatever is being shown in the advertisements are actually true. But the fact is just the opposite. Often in the advertisements it is shown in an attractive manner that packaged fruit juice boxes are very healthy and contain huge lots of vitamins and minerals. But the bitter truth is that these are not true at all. The fruit juices that are portrayed in the TV commercials do not contain fiber and often lack the proper vitamins and minerals as are written on the packs. Often they contain harmful preservatives that may prove unhealthy for your kids. So, the next time your child wants to have apple juice or orange juice, please make it at home. Do not buy those fruit juice in carton packs.
  4. Undercooked eggs as well as raw eggs: Whenever you are giving eggs to your child for breakfast or lunch or even for dinner always do make sure that the egg is properly boiled and cooked. Do not allow your child to have raw eggs or even half boiled eggs. At such an early age, raw eggs are difficult to be digested and hence may cause stomach upset and several other problems in your child.
  5. Soda and soft drinks: Well, soda and soft drinks are a strict no-no for small kids and toddlers. Your child may badly want to have it since sodas taste good, but remember you have the responsibility to maintain your child’s health. Do not compromise with it. It is of utmost importance to maintain proper health of your child. Sodas contain huge amounts of sugar and this may cause deterioration of your kid’s teeth. What is more, they often contain toxic chemicals that are used as preservatives or flavoring materials. Dentists strongly recommend not allowing children to have soda due to its ill effects.


Well, above mentioned are the top 5 things that you should avoid feeding your toddlers and kids. Always keep in mind that their health is of utmost importance, due to the fact that it is the prime time to develop. And at this time, you have no right to compromise with their health and well-being.