Baby Safety 101: Important Crib Safety Alerts To Keep

FACT: Around 900 babies all over the world die of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) everyday. What’s more baffling is that most of these deaths happen at their own cribs where they should be safest.

But it happens. While SIDS still remains a medical mystery, doctors agreed that it’s important to remove the many risk-factors involving it. Infants have lost their lives from various incidents, you don’t want any of these from happening to your child, do you? It takes more than just buying the safest crib to prevent all these.

Review these safety rules before trying to put your baby on a crib (remember to relay them to your nanny too);

Crib Safety

You may be smitten by the latest crib models at the store, but that is not what we are looking for here. Think safety. When safety is the main concern, remember that basic is best. The less stuff there is in the crib, the less chances your baby will ever get smothered by them.

Giving The Right Toys

  • There will be times that you will have to leave the baby in his crib for a moment. Carefully choose the toys that you will hand over to him to keep him entertained while you are gone.
  • Never tie the teether or pacifier around your child’s neck. He could get strangled or, at the very least, get a rash from where the cord has contact with his skin.
  • Crib gyms that span across the crib with cords and ribbons can be hazardous to older or more active babies. Use these toys only under adult supervision.
  • Give medium-sized soft toys with no d├ęcor details that can be detached and swallowed.
  • When the baby fall asleep in the crib, take out all toys and leave only what is necessary; the mattress, a pillow, a blanket and the bumpers.

Train Your Nanny

Now that you are equipped with enough precautions to keep your baby safe in the crib, the next thing to do is to make sure that your nanny does the same thing, too. After all, she will be with him for the most part of his waking hours.

You and your nanny will have different ways of caring for the child, but make sure that your way is what’s implemented. The best way to relay safety precautions to her is to emphasize why that rule is important while you are demonstrating it. It is easier for them to associate your actions with your words. This will make them remember. You may also post reminders in the room.

Finally, be consistent. Your consistency, coupled with a safe crib and toys, will all make a worry-free day for you and your precious one.