Preparations for New Babies

Preparing for the arrival of a newborn is pretty exciting, and not to mention choosing the essentials that they need. As I have gone through this stage before, I would have some advices of the essential items that you might consider it very helpful, if you are going to have a newborn in your house.

Preparations for the Hospital

A couple of days before your childbirth, needless to say, you have to pack your hospital bag as getting ready for the date. You should go and ask the doctor to figure out how many days you are going to spend in the hospital. Aside from your personal items, items for your new baby are also need to be prepared.

Preparations for the Nursery

As far as I’m concerned, preparing my baby girl’s nursery is quite exciting, and I still remember that there are lots of things to prepare. One of the most basic things they need is clothing. However, they don’t need too many cute baby clothes, since they are growing up very fast and changing every day. In the nursery, you have to make a safe place for changing their diapers. As for changing diapers, wipes which could be used to clean up the mess would do you a lot of good. Having some toys in contrasting colors could be used to attract their attentions.

Preparations for Feeding Baby

Whether you decide the bottle feed or breast feed, the high-quality formula and milk bottles are still need to be prepared. Bibs could prevent them spitting up, and you should own 10 to 12 bibs for changing.

Preparations for Going out

A diaper bag is every new mother’s must-have for going outside. As choosing the diaper bag, you should make sure it’s big enough for all the stuff and easy to be cleaned. A stroller that could be folded and unfolded by one hand is very ideal. In case they couldn’t stop crying, you should bring some plush toys to amuse them.

Initially, you could crab her two hands and pull her up slowly and gently so that she could stand up with your help. At the first beginning, their legs are not strong enough to hold their weight. In view of that, standing up could help her to strengthen her muscles, which plays an important role in her walking later. To promote her ability of balance, you need to lose one of your hands after she does a great job with both your hands. Gradually, you could lose another hand and just put your arm behind her back for her safety. You should remember to cheer your baby thoroughly, which is one of the keys to their successes.