What Is the Best Way to Potty Train a Girl?

As a childminder, I always told parents that potty training success strongly depends on whether your daughter is ready and motivated to start going to the potty or not. Most children age and develop differently, but once they are ready, it shouldn’t be too hard for you to teach them bathroom etiquette.

In fact, research has shown that some girls may start as young as 17-18 months, whereas others might not be ready until they are four years old. So, if you want to know when to start potty training, you should keep in mind the fact that most parents choose to start when their girls are between 2 and 3 years of age, which should be the age you start at as well. Additionally, experience has thought me that girls can usually be potty trained faster than boys, and most are ready around three months earlier when compared to boys.

To kick things off, I managed to potty train most children by buying potty-training equipment, and focusing one 1-2 strategies at most. With this in mind, you should start by buying a potty for your girl and let her know that it’s her very own. I always emphasize on buying an actual potty, rather than a toiler adaptor, as these can seem scary for both girls and boys at that age. Make sure it’s attractive, and doesn’t look like a potty meant for boys.

When it comes down to how to potty train a girl, you should find a way of motivating her to use the freshly purchased equipment. Now, there are a few ways to do this, but we’ll focus on the idea of watching and learning. If your daughter sees you use the bathroom on a daily basis, she’ll quickly learn that this is a normal part of life, as children often want to do whatever adults do. This will surely serve as a factor of motivation, considering the fact that with age, your daughter will start hating the feeling of feeling dirty.

Therefore, motivation represents one of the best potty training tips for girls. Simply talk to her and let her know how important going to the potty is and how it can be enjoyable as well (hint: give her something to do, to read, colour, or even watch TV). Most girls will take a long time to finish, therefore they can get bored, which is why they should also have something enjoyable to do.

Based on everything that has been outlined so far, out of personal experience I can say that motivation can help little girls go very far, so this will also help them understand how important the potty is, and encourage them to actually use it.