How to Find the Right Catering Service for Baby Shower Foods

Before you order the foods to be served on a baby shower, it is best to consider first the type of main courses, desserts, appetizers, and beverages that must be included in the menu. Bear in mind that ideal baby shower foods are those that include the essential nutrients needed by the mom-to-be. Serving mouthwatering dishes would be useless if these could compromise the mom-to-be’s health. You should not make rush decisions for the selection of foods. Instead, you have to make a research of the foods that are safe to be eaten during pregnancy. If you are not sure about the foods in your list, you can consult a medical expert and ask him to check your food list.

When you are done with the food menu, you can proceed on finding the right provider of these foods for the party. Among the best ways to start this is by asking for recommendations from your family members, colleagues, and friends. You mat ask them about the restaurants or any food providers that offer reliable catering services with reasonable costs. The name, office address, contact details, and other important information regarding their recommended food providers should be listed in a notepad for your reference. You may also add your options by making a research over the Internet for a list of all restaurants and catering firms based near your residence. It is very important to check their profile, the history of records, and the foods they provide. You have to make sure that the foods they provide are guaranteed to include fresh and clean ingredients. The foods should be also well-cooked and to be served hot, except for cold desserts and drinks.

As soon as you complete your list of options, your next step is to contact them one by one. This is to determine their charges for the catering service as well as their availability on the target schedule of the event. You should also ask them if they offer discounts or special food packages. Once you have made the initial transaction on all of the food providers in your list, you have to choose 3 to 5 of them as your top options. After that, you should present to your top options the list of baby shower foods that you want them to serve. Give them enough time to make their pricing and necessary discounts for the service you need. You may also ask for updates about it through phone or a visit at their office.

Once all the catering firms have submitted their pricing for the baby shower foods, you have to take time on making your final decision. Aside from the cost of their food packages, it is also important to consider how the food provider deals with their customers. After making your last selection, you have to contact again the one that you picked to finalize your order. You should also give them the exact address of the venue as well as the necessary contact numbers where they can give their updates for the service.