Planning An “A Baby Is Blooming” Themed Baby Shower

A fun and unique baby shower theme, the “A Baby Is Blooming” theme brings the beauty of spring and summer to a baby shower. It is fun, and super easy to throw a shower in this theme because flowers and floral products are so easy to find. Here are some great ideas to make your “A Baby Is Blooming” baby shower fantastic!

After the theme is decided, every baby shower starts with the invitations. Many invitations are available in this theme. Find one that you love. If it doesn’t already have the words “A Baby Is Blooming” on it, request to have that added when they are printed. As with all invitations, make sure you check any proofs that you receiving carefully and ensure that all of the information on them is accurate and spelled correctly.

Now that you have invited your guests, what will you do with them once they are there? Perhaps you’ll do crafts or play games. Most traditional baby shower games will fit will with this theme. When it comes to crafts, you could have everyone create a t-shirt or other keepsake for the new mom and baby. I like decorating baby t-shirts for this theme because they can be arranged to look like flowers in a pot until the craft is ready to begin. Many guests also appreciate the change from the standard games to an enjoyable craft. Another great idea is to have guests paint flower pots for the baby’s room. These pots can then be used to store all of those little bits and pieces that are so easy to loose when you have a baby. Things like pacifiers, ointments, even baby socks can all be stored in these little pots. You can even turn them into little kits for mom for around the house, with a single diaper, a few wipes, and a tube of ointment in them. Then she’ll always have what she needs on hand.

What will your guests eat? Use cookie cutters to cut finger sandwiches into flower shapes. Use a smaller cutter to cut cheeses and meats into little flower shapes for a cheese platter. Cut up vegetables will naturally have colors that go well with the theme too. Flower cookies can also make a yummy treat. When it comes time for the cake, a flower cake, or flower cupcakes are beautiful.

Decorate the event with flowers and flower shaped balloons. If the weather is suitable, consider having the shower outdoors.

Before your guests leave, be sure to give them a party favor. Almost anything decorated with flowers will work wonderfully. Some favorites for this theme are flower cookies, personalized seed packets, small flowers in mini flower pots, a single cut flower, or personalized candy bars.

Your guests are sure to love this fun theme, and it is so simple!