Train Baby Shower Ideas

A new baby boy will soon be arriving and the expectant mommy and daddy are excited about that special day when they will see their baby for the first time. Let’s get the whole family aboard to celebrate this special moment with a train themed baby shower. Boys love things that move fast, so trains combine perfectly with them. Of course the mommy is concentrating on staying calm and preparing the details of the baby’s nursery room. Hosting a shower with the same theme as the nursery room will allow her to repurpose several decorations. That way, a large part of what is spent on the shower can be reused later by mommy and baby.

Let everyone know about the train event in style. Print out train themed invites with all of the details of the shower and contact information. Some awesome colors to use are Pistachio green and light blue. Of course you can always use the famous cartoon character Thomas the Tank Engine Train as the main theme. If you do that, you’ll want to use royal blue, red and white as the main color scheme. You can either print out the necessary information or write it out by hand inside your invites. It all depends on how much time you have. Some people even create designer looking invitations with striped scrapbook paper and cloud puff stickers for the train smoke.

Surprise your guests with a large train track on the living room floor and have the train racing around in circles. This will entertain the men and the children at the shower. Use blue and green tablecloths on the foods’ tables. White lilies will add a touch of elegance to your shower. There are lots of toy trains that can circle the flower centerpieces of the guests’ tables. That way you have the delicacy of the flowers, and the cuteness of trains put together. Use colored fondant to make a train themed cake and surround the main cake with lots of cupcakes topped with blue and green icing. Use a pedestal tray to arrange the cake and cupcakes.

Other than the toy train, you can also have a giant train jigsaw puzzle in a corner of the party for the kids to play. Another cool idea is to set up play dough and tell the kids to make their own train creations. Coloring pages and train themed cartoons can keep the kids busy while the adults play the baby shower games. Some of the most traditional games that you can play are: can’t say ‘baby’ game, guess the size of the belly and baby bottle juice contest. These popular baby shower games are kind of like a ‘rite of passage’ for the expectant parents.

As for the favors, the options are endless. Chocolates can be wrapped in personalized train themed paper. Train key chains, train candle holders, or even train themed soaps can be given out as memoirs to friends and family. Another idea is to fill a train designed bag with candies and lollipop treats. Tiny perfumes can have a cold porcelain train hot glued to it and given out to the women. Miniature train toys are perfect favors for the men that attend the shower.

With these ideas, everyone is sure to have a fun time!