Eight Ways to Develop Your Child’s Natural Gifts and Authenticity

There are eight areas of gifts and authenticity that children can receive when they are born. Being aware of them and looking for signs of interest in these areas is an important part of parenting. Here are suggestions for maximizing each of the eight gifts with your children.

Verbal/Linguistic – If your child is very verbal then help develop the verbal gift by giving your child opportunity to use words. Have the child make up stories and tell you. Use this technique in place of reading a book to your child. Let the child make up the story, the words and the delivery. This not only develops verbal skills but also creativity.

Visual / Spatial – Children who love color, enjoy drawing and seem to have good spatial orientation often have the visual/spatial gift. Give your child bright objects to play with. When you purchase crayons get the box that has the most variety and the brightest colors. Give your child multiple opportunities to use color in everyday events.

Logical/Mathematical – These children not only like numbers, they also enjoy solving puzzles and looking at the big picture. If your child has these traits, ask your child age appropriate questions that give the child the opportunity to solve problems. Questions starting with “What would you do if… ” are a good start.

Bodily/Kinesthetic – Many children enjoy movement. Maybe they have difficulty sitting still or just love to move creatively. If this sounds like your child, give her/him self-expression time. Let the child move freely – sports, running, dancing or just freely moving around. Encourage creative movement and join your child in this expression.

Musical – Create music in unusual ways. Get empty oatmeal boxes to beat as drums. Use spoons as a drumming tool. Tap your feet to a made-up rhythm. Play musical games with your child.

Nature – Go on an outdoor exploration. On different days look for rocks, insects, leaves and other elements of nature. Explore what you find and talk about them with your child.

Interpersonal – These children are very personable and love to be around others. Introduce your child to different groups. These can be adult or child groups. Watch how your child interacts with others and praise the child for their best relationship skills.

Intrapersonal – Children who are intrapersonal enjoy being alone. Many are deep thinkers and very intuitive. Plan regular time to encourage your child to share the thoughts that go on in their mind. Help the child to understand and manage their thoughts by getting into the habit of talking about them.

These are just a few of the ideas you can adapt to develop your child’s natural gifts and authenticity. They are a clue to your child’s potential spiritual genius. Your child is depending on you to help them develop their full potential. The ideas above will help you do just that.