Most Common Problems Encountered During Potty Training

Potty training problems will almost always interfere the pace of teaching your toddler on how to help himself use the toilet. Always bear in mind that the course from completely getting him away of pull up diapers and winning the underpants agenda will surely not run smooth, prepare for some balks along the road and never be discouraged! Let us talk about some of the most common hiccups that parents encounter along the process, I also included very helpful solutions to put this training to success.

Avoiding the Toilet

Weird as it seems, children sometimes avoid the toilet because they are afraid of it. Considering your child’s point of view, the toilet is something big, hard and cold. It creates a strange sound and things just disappear into it. Those being given, a toilet really, is something to avoid or to stay away from!

The best way to handle this situation is to make your child comfortable with a use of a little potty chair. Start by bringing your little one to the shop and let him/her choose the potty chair that he/she likes. Let your child write his/her name or put stickers on it, this personalizes his/her experience and creates a mood that it is his/hers. Demonstrate to him/her how to use it, you can use his/her favorite stuffed toy or let him/her see how his/her daddy or siblings use the toilet so he/she becomes familiar with the potty.

Potty Training Resistance

This is probably the most common potty training problem – having your child resistant of what you want him/her to do. It could be your child’s way of saying that he/she wants to stay a little longer in his/her nappy. This now is a test of patience, do not give up!

If this happens, the first thing to do is to defuse the issue by backing off and giving your child some time to stay on his/her diapers. Remind your little boy/girl about the training once in a while, doing it often can make him/her feel corralled and controlled. At times that unwelcome incidents happen, remember to keep calm; negative reactions might stir anxiety to your child and just derail the whole process. On the other hand, whenever your child performs well reward him/her to keep him/her motivated to do better.

Having a Hard Time Releasing in the Potty

It is common for a toddler to easily pee on the potty, but resist using it for bowel movements. Most likely, this happens because your child is worried to create a mess. The easiest way to deal with this is to ease your child’s anxiety by making him/her understand his/her body functions, and making him/her aware that those are just normal. At times, the reason for this potty training problem is constipation. You can easily mend this by letting your child take something that is rich in fiber.

Potty training problems such as these should not hinder you from training your child. It just requires you to know the problem very well and for you to approach it intelligently and calmly.