Researching Senior Living for Your Loved One

Many retirees find the ease of senior living to be quite tempting. Senior living facilities offer an independent, active lifestyle with various healthcare and assistance features. If you are considering a retirement community, there are several things to remember during your search.

First off, visit multiple facilities and define your personal standard of care. Pay attention to the interactions between staff and residents and be aware of the signs of elder abuse. Choose a community that offers activities you enjoy and that makes you feel comfortable. Other factors to consider are standard healthcare and assistance services. The ideal retirement environment is one where you can enjoy your independence, while still feeling secure about the possibility of any health troubles. Inquire about these healthcare services and check each facility for handicap accessibility during your tour.

Next, make sure you complete a background check and determine the business reputation of any possible choices. The most valuable perspective to consider when selecting a senior living facility is that of its current residents. Even if the staff is pleasant and you enjoy the initial tour, try to seek third-party information. If possible, have a meal in the retirement center’s cafeteria and have a brief interview session with someone who has first-hand experience. Along with a first-hand perspective, do an online search on each possible place. There are multiple sites offering reviews and ratings of retirement homes.

Along with confirming a company’s reputation, review each one for basic safety and security standards. Look for surveillance cameras, both inside and in parking areas, and ask about security policies and procedures. You should also check the doors and windows for working locks. Ask if you will be provided with, or have outside access to, a safety deposit box for valuables you’d like to keep safe. Senior citizens are often victims of fraud and embezzlement, so when choosing senior living remember to consider financial security and understand that retirement is a long-term investment. Assisted living can become very expensive, as much as $4,000 a month or $48,000 a year, so it is vital to carefully budget your available funds and ask what could happen should they run out.

Lastly, don’t forget to consider the possibility of health changes when making your decision. An independent lifestyle may be a major factor in your decision-making process right now, but the goal is to enter a long-term arrangement and enjoy your retirement without financial worries. Therefore, remember your health problems when touring your choices. To better understand your needs and requirements, have a discussion with your doctor. Ask about the possibility future health concerns and request any available recommendations.

Schedule multiple tours and research each of your options thoroughly before making a choice. Make sure to triple check all of the rental paperwork. If you have a lawyer or open to hiring one, it is a great idea to have an attorney review your agreement to make sure your rights are protected. Be prepared for cost adjustments and additional fees if added healthcare or assistance becomes necessary. Most importantly, place your comfort and happiness first, as far as your budget allows.