These Are the Tennessee Cities to Look into Now

If you’re ready to move somewhere new, interesting, and affordable: Tennessee has you set.  This state is full of towns and cities that go unnoticed year after year and would be happy to welcome in new residents.

Whether you’re trying to start a family or just want to find a place to get a fresh beginning, this beautiful state could be where you find yourself.

Why Tennessee

When most people consider moving within the USA, they think of the most popular ones like Texas or California: but people are missing out by not considering Tennessee.  Not only is this state one of the most affordable ones in the country, but it still has a lot of charm that can only be found through lush greenery and small welcoming towns.

Although the pay here may not be as high as in other states, its cost of living is far lower than in most other states, allowing you to live comfortably for far less than you’d have to pay to live in Texas or California.  This is an excellent state to start fresh.


Home to just less than ninety thousand people, Franklin is just south of Nashville and a key site of the American Civil War.  You can enjoy the massive amounts of museums, historical sites, and restored Victorian buildings that can only be found here.  Incredible stops include the 1958 Lotz House, that’s home to endless furniture from the 1800s, just a short walk from downtown’s Mainstreet!


The smallest town on this list, Germantown, is a small city in Shelby County with less than forty thousand people that call it home.  As a suburb of Memphis, it gives you the chance to work in one of the most heavily populated areas of the state and then drive back home to peace and quiet back in Germantown.  This town is well known for its charming and quiet personality that allows anyone to feel at home here.


As the largest town on this list, Knoxville still doesn’t quite reach 200,000 people.  This city is popular because of its large focus on creative arts and delicious food.  In the Museum of East Tennessee History, you can enjoy the interactive exhibits while learning about the state.  Knoxville real estate can get to be more expensive if you want to be downtown, but it’s still pretty affordable compared to national costs.  The great mix of nature and beautiful architecture cloaks this city in beautiful views.  This is an awesome place for anyone to live.


Home to around 180,000 people, Chattanooga is a city at home in southeastern Tennessee that offers beautiful views from every angle.  Those who visit here love the sweeping views of beautiful mountains, sandstone formations, and endless gardens and natural waterfalls that make this area feel like a painting.

This State Is Full of Hidden Treasure

You may think you know Tennessee, but you don’t have any idea how amazing this city can be until you’ve seen how beautiful these smaller towns are. Consider making a stop sometime soon!

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